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 ( ZE IEA)-founded ZE INTERNATIONAL EMPLOYMENT AGENCY on February 2017-is dedicated to assist Helper in time of needs and also assisted Filipino, Indonesian, Myanmar & Indian Helpers  to source for good employers . With our positive mindset has enable ZE IEA to be a reputable and reliable agency of choice for both Employers and Helpers within this two years in Singapore.


We are currently deploying Transfer Helpers to be deployed to their prospective employers.  ZE IEA- helps employers in search of their helpers to fit with their requirements between helpers and employers. No matter what nationality or  agencies the helpers come from ,ZE IEA offers good advises, and motivation.


We provide comprehensive services covering all aspects of employment/ recruitment.
Specifically we provide

Foreign recruitment of Helpers  from Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar and India.

Application of  Foreign Domestic Worker Permits, Insurance, Medical Examinations , Arrange of  MOM Thumb Printing and E-Issuance of WP Cards.

Repatriation Services for

Documentation For Transfer Helper Direct Hire  MOM  application and Lodging Place arrangements.

Counselling Services to motivate them to continue working with your family

We  incline our deployed FDW/Helpers  for some courses during their off- days on Sunday for 3-4 hours 2x in a month whilst working with you such as Cooking, Baking & Nursing Aide class



We believe in trust and confidence between employer, employee and the employment agency. This tripartite relationship
augers well for all key players. We are always there when we are needed and will
ensure proper and timely delivery of our services.

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